Welcome to Rutland Bee Keeping Association

The relationship of man with bees is an ancient one. Early beekeepers were honey hunters. Later, techniques were developed which enabled people to manage them in some way. The craft of beekeeping centres around the honeybee, Apis mellifera, and the early interests were clearly to do with honey both as a sweetener and for its medicinal uses. Today there is some interest in its use for medicinal purposes but the primary interest is that of honey production and pollination. Many fruit and seed crops rely on insects to transport pollen from one flower to another to assist in pollination. However, it is not only these managed crops but also plants in the wild environment where bees are of benefit.

Today beekeeping is a diverse activity with both men and woman interested in working with and understanding a fascinating animal that can provide many rewards for little time and money. These may cover honey production, the sale of which could help pay for your interest, studying the natural history, photography, making of the equipment and the showing of honey.

RBKA has been formed this year. Its aims are to help beekeepers in Rutland area by providing talks on beekeeping subjects and to encourage and support beekeepers new and old.

Throughout the year the Association will have a number of meetings which will cover topical beekeeping subjects and, in the summer months, there will be practical demonstrations at members’ apiaries. These meetings will provide members with the opportunity to meet with other beekeepers and exchange ideas. The Association is to publish a newsletter on a regular basis containing information about the Association’s events and items of topical interest, and information relating to the Association.

The Association is a member of the British Beekeepers’ Association and is able to communicate its views relating to beekeeping at a national level. Through the affiliation to the BBKA, members will get third party liability insurance and a regular newsletter.