The Rutland Bee Keepers Association, has been re-formed after the recent upsurge in interest in beekeeping generally. Years ago there was a  RBKA, but this ceased to be, as interest in beekeeping declined and it eventualy folded completly. In recent years interest has increased greatly and due to the lack of a local association beekeepers and those interested in bees have had to travel outside the county. Associations beyond Rutland  this year, have had to turn newcommers away from training sessions. Therefore there is a need for a local group again.
RBKA has been re-formed to give training to new beekeepers, support to existing beekeepers, and provide equipment at cost prices. Equipment such as honey spinners will be available for rent.
RBKA offers a standing invitation to ‘meet the bees’ for anyone interested but who would like to see how they get on with opening a hive (under supervision) before going any further and incuring costs.

Some of the benefits of membership will be:-

  • Equipment at reduced prices.
  • Lectures, training classes and demonstrations by experts.
  • Advice and assistance for beginners including practical demonstrations in the Association’s teaching apiery.
  • Regular newsletters with information on forthcoming events including lectures,
  • open days and other social occasions.
  • Use of the Association’s library which will holds books, journals, slides and other materials of interest to the beekeeper. (donations welcome)
  • Third party insurance.
  • Optional BDI (bee desiese insurance)
Members will be entitled to the following privileges and benefits:-
  • To attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and at Extraordinary General Meetings
  • To attend all meetings and events arranged by the Association for members ·
  • To borrow books from the Association’s library ·
  • To take part in the trading schemes run by the Association ·
  • To participate in BBKA insurance cover as arranged by the Association to indemnify its members against sums that they may become legally liable to pay as compensation in respect of injury to any person or damage to property arising from a beekeeping accident